History of Notre Dame

History of Notre Dame

Notre Dame is French for Our Lady referring to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Notre Dame Convent...

Founded in 1920 by the "Daughters of Jesus", Notre Dame Convent acquired a reputation for providing a solid education and where discipline was known to be excellent.1

The student population of Notre Dame school which occupied the old convent, eventually numbered 625 pupils. The school was, indeed, "spilling over".2

Notre Dame Elementary School...

On October 11, 1977, the new Notre Dame Primary School, situated in the southeastern part of Morinville, officially opened its doors. A few months later, on December 5, the School Board transferred the convent property to the town, to be administered by the Historical and Cultural Society of Morinville.3

Notre Dame Today...

Ecole Notre Dame Elementary School continues to be dedicated to serving the needs of and assisting our students in developing academically, spiritually, and socially. Since September 2012, we are a dual track French Immersion/English program school serving all the Morinville community.

We believe that educating our students requires the effort of our whole community. As stated in our School Mission Statement: Together, students, families, staff and community are responsible for educating each individual and nurturing their growth within a Catholic/Christian atmosphere. This positive partnership fosters the development of lifelong learners and responsible, caring citizens.

Notre Dame is very proud of its new school mascot, Notre Dame Huskies. Students will continue to "Let their precious light shine" in many ways throughout our school.


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